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NYCAHN in the News



>>NY Magazine, Hands Across the East Village, May 24,2 2007

>>Manhattan Real Estate, Hands Across Stuy Town, May 23, 2007

>>Indypendent, Tenants Mobilize for Affordable Housing, May 22, 2007

>>Portland Indymedia, NYPD surveillance prior to the 2004 GOP convention: a list, May 20, 2007

>>NY Times, Jane McAndrew, Elizabeth Norman (NYCAHN's Board Chair), May 20, 2007

>>The Albany Project, NYPD Surveillance Docs Dumped, May 16, 2007

>> Free Press, New York City Council Resolution 712: Net Neutrality, May 10, 2007

>>Working Families Blog, Youth CAHN at Affordable Housing Rally, May 22, 2007

>>UNDUN:  News (VOCAL-NY Users Union), May 12, 2007

>>Civil Defense Blog NYC Council Resolution 712:  Net Neutrality, May 10, 2007

>>Odeo,NYCAHN testimony on Resolution 712, April 30, 2007

>>Urban Youth Collaborative, Student Union, May 2, 2007

>>Civil Defense Blog, Broadband Over Cellphones: What does it mean for New Yorkers?, April 26, 2007

>> New York Magazine, Is Christine Quinn Turning Her Back on AIDS Causes?, April 13, 2007

>> The Albany Project, Time to Let a Little Sunshine In, April 12, 2007

>>Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Letitia James to Introduce New Safe Housing Act , April 12, 2007

>> Tort DeForm Blog, Time to Let a Little Sunshine In, April 11, 2007

>>Ave Cassandra, National Single Payer News, April 6, 2007

>>Windy City Times, Arrests at ACT UP March, April 4, 2007

>>Pam's House Blend, Arrests at ACT UP March, March 30, 2007

>>Queer Justice League, Nearly 1000 Attend NYC Protest, 27 Arrested, March 30, 2007

>>Wockner, 27 Arrested at ACT UP 20th Birthday Demo 500 March, Demand Single-Payer Health Care, March 30, 2007

>>Mugu Brainpan, NYPD Spied Outside of Jurisdiction, and Even Outside US, March 29, 2007

>>Gay City News, ACT UP Roars Again at 20, March 29, 2007

>>Blabbeando, ACT UP Protest, Same Ol BS 20 Years Later, March 29, 2007

>>The Nation:  ACT UP's New Urgency, April 3, 2007

>>The Indypendent, Take it to the Bank:  Irate Tenant Groups Force Big Lenders to Turn on Sleezy Slumlords, Feburary 1, 2007

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, GIVING GOOD COUNCIL At a recent New York City Council town hall meeting, AIDS advocates had a chance to put in their two cents about the budget, February 4, 2007



>>WBAI Interviews Romeo Sanchez about Riker's Island HIV Testing Counselor Lay Offs, November 8, 2006 (last 7 minutes of newsreel)


>>NY Times, October 5, 2006, Adults on Welfare Living with HIV or AIDS Hit with Rent Increase.

>>NY Times, October 10, 2006, Rent Increase is Criticized.

>>COVER Story featuring NYCAHN member Wayne Starks, NY Press, THE BLAME GAME:  New York State and City officials point fingers while tenants living with HIV and AIDS face a looming rent hike, November, 2006

>>Gay City News, December 28, 2006 Pols Turns Out to Oppose AIDS Rent Hikes.

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, December 26, 2006, Home for the Holidays and Beyond.

>>Gay City News, December 7, 2006, HASA Rent Increases Must Be Stopped, Op Ed by NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

>>Medical News Today, October 13, 2006,State Politicians Plan To Introduce Legislation To Prevent Rent Increase For New York City HIV/AIDS Welfare Housing

>>Downtown Express, October 13, 2006, State, city spring sharp rent hikes on people with AIDS.

>> Gay City News, October 24, 2006, Debacale Threatens AIDS Housing

>>Downtown Express, October 13, 2006, State, city spring sharp rent hikes on people with AIDS.

>>RodBeta2.0, October 5, 2006, $$$ Rent for NYC Poz on Welfare

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, October 13, 2006, Pataki to AIDS Housing Tenants, Pay Up or Get Out


>>NY Blade, November 6, 2006, Protesters Slam Planned AIDS Housing Rent Hike Advocates celebrate a short-term success: A federal court has stalled N.Y. increase for 45 days.

>>Gay City News, November 2, 2006, AIDS Tenants Win Vs. Rent Hike

2006 General Media

>>New York Now, August, 2006 (featuring NYCAHN board members, Cameron Craig and Brenda Arthur)

>>At 80, Activist Recalls a Lifetime on the Frontlines, The Villager, June 21-27, 2006

>>Rising ‘Stabilized' Rents Threaten New Yorkers' Housing, The NewStandard, June, 30, 2006


Press from UNGASS

>>  NY Post, June 1, 2006

>>  NY Daily News, June 1, 2006

>>  SABC, June 1, 2006

>> http://news. newamericamedia. org/news/ view_article. html?article_ id=360e9582b9bfa 67bc3348ca601475 0d2

>> http://www.hindu. com/2006/ 05/31/stories/ 2006053124331500 .htm

>> http://www.voanews. com/english/ AmericanLife/ 2006-06-01- voa46.cfm

>> Frontline (leading Indian political fortnight magazine)- June issue

>> The Nation, Former Bush AIDS Czar Slams US AIDS Policy, May 5, 2006

>> health.groups. yahoo.com/ group/AIDS- INDIA/messages

>> http://www.freeindi amedia.com/ health/05_ june1_06. html

>> http://www.ungassac tion.org/ mediapressoutrea ch.html


>>  City Limits Weekly, Homeless Housing Help, February 27, 2006

>>  NY Daily News, Pols Hit Subsidized Hovels, February 24, 2006

>>  NY Sun, Bloomberg, Quinn Tout More 'Affordable' Housing, February 24, 2006

>>   Marist College Magazine:  Jennifer Flynn '93 Receives Major Award for Her Work Helping Others, Winter, 2006.

>> A&U Magazine:  500 Miles, The Campaign to End AIDS Wants to Re-plant Activism from the Grass-Roots Up, January, 2006


>>   Village Voice, Rotting Away:   Thousands of New York inmates have hepatitis C. Only a few hundred get treatment , December 5, 2005

>>   Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, NYCWatch: BILLION-DOLLAR PLAN City, state announce 10-year, $1B plan to house the homeless, November 17, 2005

>>    WBAI, Wake Up Call, Election w Education and Housing Groups GUEST: Jane Hirschmann, Co-Chair of Time Out From Testing , a state-wide coalition to eliminate high stakes testing GUEST: Shirlene Cooper, NYC AIDS Housing Network , working with the Housing Here and Now Campaign, November 9, 2005

>>  ACRIA Update:  Prison Health=Public Health:  HIV Care in New York State Prisons, by Romeo Sanchez, NYCAHN Deputy Director, Fall, 2005.

>>   CNN, AIDS activists want more money and attention, November 9, 2005

>>  Channel 8, AIDS Protestors Arrested at White House, November 7, 2005

>> Channel 7, Rally Kicks Off AIDS Campaign, November 5, 2005

>> Workers World,AIDS Activists Demand Resources, Novmeber 5, 2005

>> WBAL Channel 11, AIDS March Travels Through Baltimore, November 1, 2005

>>  Poz Magazine, Gratitude What People with HIV are Thankful for Now (cover story) featuring NYCAHN Organizer Shirlene Cooper and Youth CAHN member Lamea Cooper, November, 2005.

>> Poz Magazine, We are Family, November, 2005

>> Washington Post, HIV-AIDS Message Fills Hearts, Highways D.C.-Bound Effort Aims To Invigorate Response, October 31, 2005

>> University of Delaware Daily, Campaign to End AIDS walk stops at Trabant, October 31, 2005

>> Jersey Journal, On Their Way, October 17, 2005

>> City Limits Weekly, Healthy Homes Holdout, October 17, 2005

>> NY Times, In Lincoln Tunnel, Tires Yield to Feet in Rally to End AIDS , October 16, 2005

>> Newsday, Campaign to End AIDS starts long trek, , October 16, 2005

>> Activists March Through Lincoln Tunnel For AIDS Awareness, October 16, 2005

>> Poz Magazine, Home Work, October, 2005

>> City Limits Weekly,Healthy Fight: Housing Advocates Build Support For Slumlord Bill, September 26, 2005

>>AM NY, NY's 10 Worst Landlords, July 28, 2005

>> NY Newsday, Group names city's worst landlords, July 28, 2005

>>WABC News, Channel 7, NYC's Top 10 Worst Landlords, July 27, 2005

>>NY Blade, AIDS Housing Continues to Shrink, July 22, 2005

>>El Diario, Afectados de SIDA exigen viviendas permanentes, 21 de Julio, 2005

>>Poz Magazine, Staying on Course with Health and Freedom, July 2005

>>City Limits Weekly, Malibu Makeover, Homeless Clients Outsted from West Side SRO, July 11, 2005

>>NY1, City Comptroller's Audit Accuses HRA Of Breaking City Housing Rules, July 4, 2005

>>City Limits Magazine, Battery Park City Recharged, July/August, 2005

>>NY Blade, It's Raining Condoms, May 27, 2005

>>NY Blade, City Council OKs Housing, May 13, 2005


>>NY Blade:  Activists push for AIDS housing, Some believe that the city is not doing enough to provide housing for people with AIDS, May 6, 2005

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, Message to Michael:  Thank You!, May 3, 2005

>>Staten Island Advance, City blasted for disbanding advisory panel on housing: Advisory committee provided info on policy for people with HIV and AIDS, April 30, 2005

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, Keeping HASA Honest, April 19, 2005

>>City Limits Weekly, A New Act for HASA:  Bills Push for Accountability, April 18, 2005

>>NY 1, Councilman Pushes for New Human Rights Bill, April 8th, 2005

>>Daily News, Giff keeps cash, aids tenants, August 4th, 2005

>>NY Post, Giff Backs Landlord Crackdown, August 4th, 2005

>>NY Times, Miller Will Keep Donations From 2 of 'Worst Landlords' , August 4th, 2005 (featuring NYCAHN member Kenneth Whitmore)

>>NY 1, Tenant Advocacy Groups Fight Back Against City's Worst Slumlords , July 27, 2005

>>WNYC, Hotels for Poor are Under Pressure to Change, July 27, 1995

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, NYC Quick Takes Of Bad Billing and Fun Sounding Protest, July 7, 2005

>>Poz Magazine, Fighting Femmes, June, 2005

>>Housing Works AIDS Issues Update, NYC Watch Good Things Come in Threes, May 18, 2005

>>NY Newsday, City Health Gap, March 7, 2005

>>Gay City News, Agreement on AIDS Housing Emerges, February 24, 2005

>> City Limits Weekly, No Condoms for Convicts, February 22, 2005

>>Columbia Spectator, City's Temporary AIDS Housing Puts Patients in Squalor, Feb. 14, 2005

>>Gay City News, NYC AIDS Housing Takes A Hit Federal dollars for homeless people with HIV declines; advocates complain of no input, February 10, 2005

>>Socialist Worker, Deadly Toll of Budget Cuts, February 4, 2005

>>Columbia Spectator, Demonstrators Take Fight for Housing to City Hall, February 3, 2005

>>New York Times, Thousands Rally to Demand Low-Income Housing in City, February 3, 2005

>>Gay City News, New City Council Efforts on AIDS Housing, January 27, 2005

>>Queens Chronicle, Queens Councilman Rips City Over AIDS Housing Program, January 27, 2005

>>Gay City News, Bombshell: City Lacks AIDS Housing, January 20, 2005

>>City Limits Magazine, Transgender Homeless Clients Seek Safety, January/February, 2005

Press from Housing Here and Now!  March & Rally February 2, 2005

>>Bay News, Thousands Raly In Brooklyn for More Affordable Housing, Feb. 14, 2005

>>El Diario, Miles exigen vivienda digna, February 3, 2005

>> NY Newsday, Mayor's unofficial campaign kickoff set, February 3, 2005

>> NY Post, Council OKS Tax Breaks For Housing, February 3, 2005

>>New York 1 Protestors Call For More Affordable Housing, February 2, 2005

>>News 12 the Bronx, February 2, 2005

>>WNYC, February 2, 2005

>>City Limits Weekly, Housing March Unites Unusual Allies, January 31, 2005

>>  WBAI, Health Action:  Prison Healthcare with Jack Beck, Correctional Association, Antionetta Etienne, Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, Romeo Sanchez, Latino Commission on AIDS, Donna Charles, Former Prisoner, January 10, 2005.


>>Daily News, City Pays for Slum, December 17, 2004

>>Gay City News, HIV-Positive Tenants Seek Relief, December 9, 2004

>>NY Sun, Homeless Hawks Could Upstage City's Homeless People, December 13, 2004.

>>City Limits Weekly, Slumlord Shakedown, November 15, 2004

>>Gay City News, AIDS Housing Solutions Prove Elusive:  City promises it has a plan, but New Yorkers with HIV Languish in Run Down Hotels, October 21st-27th, 2004.

>>Poz Magazine, Heartbreak Hotel, featuring Malibu Hotel Tenant Association Chair and NYCAHN Board member Amos Hough, October, 2004

>>New York 1:  First Annual AIDS Warrior Awards, October 3rd, 2004

>>HIV Plus Magazine, September 2004, Check out NYCAHN leader Jimi Hammerstein (no, he's not a model) featured in Coming Home

>> WBAI, On the Count Click Here for Part I:  "People Prison and AIDS", August 12, 2004 

Click Here for Part II

>>Poz Magazine Burning Point:  Scores of Activists Stage the Biggest AIDS Demo/ in a decade-but big-time ASOs are Missing in Action August, 2004

>>NY Times (Front Page): Patients With H.I.V. Seen as Separated by a Racial Divide, August 7, 2004

>>The Advocate, Activists protest outside STD conference in Philadelphia, March 9, 2004

>>Daily News:  Welfare Bias Charged| Clients Rally, Hit HRA on Case Handling, December 7, 2000

>>Gay City News:  Speaking for Ourselves on the Trail, January, 29, 2004.


>>Newsday Report:  Subsidized Housing Needs Repair


>>Daily News  Housing Misery with HIV, June 27, 2004

>>NY Sun, June 27, 2004



Press about NYCAHN's involvement in the Still We Rise Coalition:

>>New York Magazine, The Upside of Paranoia Will there be peace in the streets? Few want the protests to get ugly, but the possibility of it has at least caught the public's attention., August, 2004

>>National Radio Project/Making Contact:  Featuring Louie Jones, NYCAHN and the Still We Rise March & Rally.

>>NY Times, THE REPUBLICANS: THE CONVENTION IN NEW YORK -- CONFRONTATIONS; Protesters' Encounters With Delegates on the Town Turn Ugly August 31, 2004

>>New York 1 Coverage, August 30th, 2004

>>Knight Ridder Newspapers, GOP pays tribute to Sept. 11 victims, August 30, 2004

>>Indymedia NEW YORK RISING The birth of a movement led by people who live the issues, Sept. 5, 2004

>>NY Times, Commuters Cope With Security Measures for G.O.P. Convention, August 30, 2004

>>El Diario:  Miles de familias de bajos Los pobres se harán sentir,  24 de Agosto, 2004

>>Newsday:  Where not to be, August 22, 2004

>>Newsday :  Federal judge refuses to allow large Central Park rally during RNC

>>Newsday:  Who's who in protest

>>NY Newsday:  Who are the Protestors, April 4, 2004

>>Newsday:  Protests around town

>>Hoy:   Anuncian marcha y protesta por "justicia social" 24 de agosto, 2004

>>USA Today:  Protestors, Police Get Set in NYC, August 23, 2004

>>NY Blade:  Gearing Up Against the GOP

>>Alternet Magazine:  Defying Convention

>>City Limits:  Battling Bush

>>Brooklyn Rail:  Echoes of Chicago '68? 

>>The City and Activists Gear Up for the RNC

>>San Francisco Indymedia, RNC Overview, June, 2004

>>Gotham Gazette:  by, Louie Jones, NYCAHN Board Member

>>Democracy Now!  RNC Aftermath: A Look at Undercover Cops, Preemptive Detention and Police Surveillance, September 8, 2004

>>Ordfront Magasin, Sommaren i New York blir het, May 27, 2004

>>Richmond Indymedia:  NY Rolls Out the Unwelcome Mat for the Republican Convention, August 20, 2004

>>Common Dreams News Center:  Protesters, Police Agree on One Thing: This Week was Successful, September 4, 2004

>>NYC IndyMedia, A30 Still We Rise, September 5, 2004

>>NYC IndyMedia, RNCnotwelcome 'hits' the Mainstream Media, October 17, 2003

>>City Limits Weekly Mo'Money, Mo'Problems, August 30th, 2004


In the Past...

NY Blade, DelCampo Heads NYC's AIDS Office, August 8, 2003

Body Postive:  New York City Budget Crisis: Will Disorganization and Higher Property Taxes Push People With HIV Into the Streets?, January/February, 2003

City Limits, Stanley's Last Stand:  AIDS SRO tenants' radical demand:  a lease, May, 2003

NY Blade, Police Arrest 30 at AIDS Protest, May 16, 2003

NY Blade, Marchers protest Bloomberg AIDS policies, May 2, 2003

City Limits Weekly, Murder at the Malibu, May 5, 2003

Gay City News, Bloomberg's Housing Plan One Year Later, November 27, 2003

The Body, NYC Budget Crisis, January/February, 2003

Tenant, City Cuts Off Emergency Housing for People Living with HIV/AIDS, September, 2000

Gay City News, Hundreds Protest AIDS Budget Cuts, May, 16, 2003

City Limits Magazine, Stanley's Last Stand, May, 2003

HIV Plus Magazine, A Tale of Two Cities, October, 2003

City Limits, Night Watchmen, A dogged group of volunteers stands guard for homeless people with AIDS, March, 2001

Tenant, "Are You Serious? Judge Finds City in Contempt for Failing to House People With AIDS, June, 2001

NPR News:  For AIDS Sufferers, a Housing Challenge Groups Struggle to Find a More Permanent Living Space, September 13, 2002

Gotham Gazette, Threatened Change To HIV/AIDS Services, May, 2003

Gay City News, Demand for City AIDS Czar's Resignation, May 16, 2003

Gay City News, Bloomberg AIDS Budget Draws Fire, April 18, 2003

Gay City News, Mayors Housing Plan Sparks Hope, January 9, 2003

Gotham Gazette, List of 2002 Union Square Award Winners November 18, 2002

Village Voice, Maladies at the Malibu, City Houses HIV-Positive Homeless in Illegal SRO, November 27, 2002

New York Blade, Homeless New Yorkers With AIDS on Rise , November 15, 2002

Daily News, Mayor Slammed on Homeless with AIDS, December 1, 2002

City Limits, Housing AIDS, May 14, 2001

Village Voice, Constant Vigilance: AIDS Activists Keep Watch to Make Sure City Leaves No One Homeless, December 6, 2000

HIV Plus Magazine, Gimme shelter Housing remains a crucial aspect of HIV care. June, 1999

NYCAHN Staffers in the News

Workers World, Cops bash gay anti-Giuliani protesters, 1999